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How the narrative changed after the Boomers' win

A look at how our perception and feelings changes after the Boomers historic win against Team USA

5 minute read

On the 24th of August, 2019, the Australian Men’s Basketball team, the Boomers, created history when they were able to enact their own David and Golliath moment, taking down Team USA for the first time ever. More impressively was the fact that the US hadn’t lost a game in 13 years. It was a marvelous moment in Australian basketball history, and while the US fielded what is widely considered one of their weaker teams, it was a moment for us to all savour. The fact that we were able to bring the…

19 minute read

There is a lot of talk about crowd behaviour and crowd issues with the modern day AFL. I personally feel the crowd issues are a case of business-as-usual; I’ve been going to AFL games on-and-off for close to three decades and the crowd behaviour is no different today as it was 20 years ago… just now everyone with a phone and Twitter account is a journo.

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